RICS Registered Valuer

RICS Registered Valuer

Looking for what is commonly referred to as either a ‘RICS valuation’ or ‘Red Book valuation’? We are here to help.

Property valuations underpin nearly every financial decision we make be it a home mortgage, investment, SIPP, commercial property acquisition, tax calculation, matrimonial settlement, or advice on sale/purchase.

Any person or organisation that occupies, owns, develops, or buys and sells property in today’s market is almost bound to rely on a Valuer’s expertise and typically the requirement is that this is provided by an RICS Registered Valuer.

Valuer registration is the RICS quality assurance mechanism that monitors all registered RICS members who carry out Red Book valuations and ensures consistent standards. By appointing an RICS registered valuer, you can be confident that you are working with regulated and qualified professionals who:

  • adhere to the ‘Red Book’ valuation standards
  • are committed to openness and transparency
  • are experts in their field, delivering credible and high-quality reports.

The ‘Red Book’ is issued by RICS as part of its commitment to promote and support high standards in valuation delivery worldwide. The publication details mandatory practices for RICS members undertaking valuation services. It also offers a useful reference resource for valuation users and other stakeholders.

As a firm we now have ‘Regulated by RICS’ status, a quality mark that offers clients confidence and security in a complex and rapidly changing market-place.

At Carter Geering our property valuation services are available from Crediton to the greater Exeter area, across Devon and the wider south-west. Our services include valuations for: Inheritance Tax/Probate, matrimonial matters, acquisition/disposal, residential lease extension, collective enfranchisement, Charities Act, expert witness, Capital Gains Tax, Red Book, Help to Buy, Shared Ownership and Staircasing, and others.

For more information on how our RICS Registered Valuer services can provide the property valuation advice you require contact Lloyd Smale FRICS, RICS Registered Valuer on 01363 773757, 07535 099660, or by email at lloyd@cartergeering.com .