Expert Witness Valuation Advice

Firstly, what is the role of an expert witness? Put simply an expert witness is a person engaged to give an opinion based on experience, knowledge and expertise. Always bearing in mind that the overriding duty of an expert witness is to provide independent, impartial and unbiased evidence to the Court or Tribunal, i.e., not to the client/appointer. An Expert must provide their opinion on this basis and at all times and verify their report by including a statement of truth.

Experts can be instructed by one party to a dispute, or as a ‘Single Joint Expert’ where both parties jointly instruct the Expert to provide their professional opinion on a matter, the latter being typically preferred in matrimonial settlement cases.

Why might an Expert Witness valuation report be needed?

At the heart of any dispute involving property the value of the subject property, or it’s diminution in value, typically requires to be assessed. Often the valuation date can be historic, especially where some negligence is claimed in respect of previous advice and therefore the Expert’s opinion is expressed retrospectively.

Property disputes can arise in a number of different contexts, such as matrimonial settlements, contested Probate, or from disputes where there is a claim for loss arising from either an act of mis-representation or negligence.

Whatever your valuation requirements, be it the family home, business premises or an investment property, for further information regarding our Expert Witness valuation services, or to discuss your particular requirements, please do not hesitate to contact Lloyd Smale FRICS, RICS Registered Valuer 01363 773757, mob. 07535 099660, or by email: .

Our Expert Witness property valuation services are available from our Crediton base across Devon and the wider south-west.